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Every day, the team behind Vibrant Diamonds trawls the web for high-quality deals so that you don’t have to. We deliver 5-8 handpicked offers per day to your inbox to help you keep up to date with the best deals on your chose ncategories.

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Stop trying to manage multiple inboxes and newsletters. No more switching between apps to get your daily updates. Vibrant Diamonds eliminates distractions and helps you maximise your shopping with smarter content-discovery.

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  • Personalized inbox

    Follow or unfollow categories to get the offers you want

  • Browse by category

    Browse by category to discover the best deals

  • Smart notification

    Avoid distraction by customising your notifications

  • Bookmark links

    Save your favourite offers for future reference

  • Search through archives

    Explore previous offers, topics and stores

  • Dark mode

    Enjoy more comfortable viewing in low light

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